SCOPE FOCUS20 t/m 22 november 2019 Kasteel Vaeshartelt, Maastricht

MBD 2019: Take off, today.

This edition’s theme is “Take off, today”.

About MBD

With over 700 students and around 50 companies each year, the Maastricht Business Days are the largest and most prestigious recruitment event Maastricht University offers. Each year we look for companies that fit our student's interests and skills set best. Our event provides our students with a stepping stone to their future, by bringing them into contact with renowned companies from a variety of industries. Furthermore, it provides the companies with a stage to introduce themselves through workshops, student chats and fun activities.

Our location, the Kasteel Vaeshartelt Maastricht provides a relaxed setting for the students and companies to present themselves. You will gain a lot of knowledge and experience through this event, and potentially meet your new employer!

Interested? Below you can find more information about selection and payment:

Maastricht Business Days topwerkgevers

De volgende topwerkgevers zijn ook aanwezig op de Maastricht Business Days van 20 t/m 22 november 2019:

De Carrièrebus

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