Amber als werkgever

Amber is a next-generation car sharing platform that uses an intelligent app and modified BMW i3’s to drastically reduce the number of cars needed to service a given number of people.

With the Amber app, users are guaranteed on-demand access to electric mobility. Currently available for companies, our service is extremely convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, allowing organizations to reduce lease car fleet sizes and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Our vision is to be able to provide on-demand mobility for all people everywhere, using our self-driving Amber One car, built specifically to be shared.

Currently, we are operating a fast-growing car sharing platform for businesses in the Netherlands. We are planning to expand our platform to all major cities in the Netherlands. That means we are also expanding our team. Working at Amber means joining an energetic, diverse, and young team with a clear vision.

On-demand, electric mobility.

Optimum mobility; minimal environmental impact.

Freedom far beyond car ownership.