NLC als werkgever

NLC builds innovative healthtech startups. We take new technologies from creation to prosperity, bringing together the right people and knowledge to make startups thrive. Our diverse team consists of a highly skilled and knowledgeable partner group and a growing pool of business developers. As an intern you will fully participate in this team and have challenging responsibilities while learning from an ambitious group of colleagues. Join us on our mission to bring science to life!

For technical or medical students who want to (temporarily) shed their lab coats or put away their stethoscopes, NLC is offering a full-time internship position. NLC turns research into products and medical innovations into sustainable companies. NLC has a vibrant ecosystem that brings together the right people from medical, corporate, and entrepreneurial settings to build the future of healthcare. We are looking for motivated students who want to experience entrepreneurship, and use their expert knowledge to help find and select Europe’s most promising inventions.

Our diverse team consists of a highly skilled and knowledgeable partner group and a growing pool of senior and junior business developers. As an intern you will work to find, select, and validate high potential innovations with the NLC business developers. You will work on developing business plans, financial models and investment plans, identifying stakeholders and target groups. We talk to buyers and end users, IP lawyers, medical specialists, CE experts, subsidy advisors; do market research, competitor analyses, visit conferences, make presentations, and much more! Do you want to be part of this adventure and put your superpowers to use to complement the NLC team?

What can NLC do for you?

NLC offers great challenges combined with exciting opportunities to develop yourself professionally as well as personally. Depending on your interests and learning goals, the internship can be altered to best suit your personal development. This way you will get more fulfilment from the job and therefore be an even greater contribution to NLC.

  • 5-6 months learning-by-doing in a inspiring environment;
  • Contributing directly to establishing strong businesses;
  • Engage in realising innovations with a great impact on healthcare;
  • Working in a very motivated team with diverse backgrounds and experiences, with support of a large network.