Owlin als werkgever

You can find us in the middle of the Pijp on one of the many rooftops Amsterdam has to offer. What better way to start your work day than with a coffee, a fantastic view over Amsterdam, and a great team around you? Unwind after a successful week at our vrijmibo with a beer and some delicious snacks.

What we do
At Owlin we develop the next generation real-time news analysis for the financial market. Not of the boring kind where news stories are ordered one below the other - that’s what traditional newspapers are for - but we bring it to the next dimension. We visualize the wealth of information in neat interfaces. By applying natural language processing and AI we provide insights that are hidden in the data. We understand that not everyone is a braniac, which is why the interfaces are easy to read and customizable. Currently, our client base consists of international banks and financial institutions including ING, KPMG, and Adyen, just to name a few.

Who we are
Our team is best described as visionary but decisive. We constantly come up with new ideas to improve our technology and product, and we encourage each other to think outside the box. Our ideas don’t just stay ideas, we actually put them into action as well. And who said work can’t be fun? Owlin feels like a big group of friends. With so many different nationalities and personalities, not one day is boring. It all comes together during our daily free lunch with the whole team, where ideas are being thrown around, discussions started, and the ‘gezelligheids’- factor is high.

So, if you are into more than discussing ideas during endless meetings, and actually want to bring innovative ideas into realization with a great team around you: Owlin is the place for you. Take a look at one of our vacancies.

Company culture

Owlin cherishes a real hands-on mentality where ideas are discussed and evaluated in an open setting. Direct and honest comments are part of the working culture and enable us to quickly make decisions and work from there.

In the small business of Owlin employees have a large amount of ownership, independence and responsibility. The ability to perform under pressure while facing tight deadlines is part of the daily routine: we believe in delegating responsibilities instead of assigning tasks.

Furthermore our company culture is young and dynamic and based on direct lines of communication. We therefore appreciate it when candidates are able to process feedback well and provide feedback in a proactive and constructive manner as well.

When you thrive on making a difference within a small organization, like to work in an entrepreneurial environment and meet like-minded individuals, come and work for us!

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